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Welcome to Top Criminal ProPhiling.This is a page dedicated (almost) in its entirety to Profiler!Mulder and the fine art and science of criminal profiling. While the webmaster (that's me) may not be the highest authority on the subject, we try to bring you a little information on the subject (for the fanfic writers), profiles of our favorite killers (for those who happen to care), episode info (for nitpickers), and fanfic (for everyone).

I suppose this is the place to stick all the thanks and links and such since I don't really have a links page. If you really don't care, you should skip this paragraph. Well... here goes. *deep breath* The X-Files belong to 20th Century Fox, Ten Thirteen Productions, and the Great Chris Carter. This page is hosted by, which belongs to a friend of mine. Thanks, Calc! 99% of the images, if not more, come from A Haven For the FBI's Most Unwanted. My main resource on profiling (at the moment, at least) is the Online Lecture Notes On Criminal Profiling by Dr. O'Connor. And I think that's about it.

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